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Hi. I’m Krissy, a story-loving-music-junkie, living in Colorado with my husband, kids, and borderline-militant wiener dogs. After fifteen years in the corporate world, I’m now a SAHM at work on my second novel. I’m also continuously at work on short stories, articles, essays, and blog posts. Some of which I might actually consider submitting soon.

If I’m not wrangling one of my dependents, writing, or otherwise engaged in managing our circus of a household, I’m probably at a yoga or boot camp class, or at a concert somewhere, fighting my soul’s deep urge to become a vagrant, barefoot, live music groupie.

I’m inspired by effort and imperfection, baffled by brains and souls at work (war?) in humanity, and fascinated by why, where, and how people draw lines in their lives.

If you have a second, check out the blog where I explore important, mind consuming questions (like why didn’t Wendy and Peter Pan stay together???) and offer some thoughts (A.K.A. unsolicited opinions and advice), usually related to what (I think) I’ve learned so far about professionalism, choices, and chasing dreams in the midst of a full life.

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I love to connect with creative, thinking, real-life humans. If you want to chat about writing, reading, music, or something on the blog, please feel free to get in touch.

Email: krissy.cabeen@gmail.com


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